Designed for Your Child’s Growth

For over 100 years we have continued to evolve the Modin summer camp program, designed as a series of options and choices with a child’s growth and development in mind.

Programs Overview

Guidance, Encouragement  and Healthy Competition

The wide range of choices, and the well-kept facilities offer Modin campers the opportunity to hone their skills. Campers receive intensive instruction in a wide variety of athletics, water sports, creative and performing arts and wilderness adventure programs.

Through guidance, encouragement, and healthy competition, children are carefully exposed to a whole variety of opportunities and new challenges. At Modin, there is no pressure to choose only those activities with which a child is familiar or proficient in. Modin teaches that success is not measured solely by the outcome, but by effort, determination, open-mindedness, and the willingness to try.

Weekday mornings, children participate in bunk activities; afternoons find them engaged in electives; each day they choose three electives from pool of over 50 choices. Our goal is to ensure that each camper’s schedule comprises a well-balanced selection of activities to ensure personal growth and skill development.

“Modin has and will continue to have a deep impression on the person my child is. I believe he made lifelong friends. It’s is a place where kids are willing to really be themselves, try new things, and learn to love others who they may not have otherwise chosen to be in their inner circle.”

– Lois, Bethesda, MD

Land Sports

Building a sense of accomplishment

Modin offers a well-rounded selection of land sports. At Modin, there is truly something for everyone: Advanced players will find a variety of challenges including optional inter-camp tournaments while the novice player will find the environment low-keyed and supportive. In our community there is no one who isn’t good enough to play. At Modin, no child is ever the last one to get “picked” for a team.

Our sports program helps campers to hone their skills by providing them with constant support, feedback, and encouragement. On the field, not only does a child gain a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment, but they learn to appreciate the value of teamwork. 

Tennis & Pickleball

Basketball & Baseball

Soccer & Lacrosse

Street Hockey


Zorb & Futsal


Fitness & Weight Training

Archery & Riflery


Equestrian & Golf

… And More!

Water Sports

Breathtaking Waterfront

The Modin waterfront sits on the banks of beautiful Salmon lake, the jewel of the Belgrade Lakes chain. Calm and sheltered, it provides the ideal location for a wide selection of waterfront activities.

One of the most breathtaking features of Camp Modin is its spectacular waterfront. With over 1,800 feet of shore-frontage, the cool breeze and tranquil beauty of Salmon Lake blends seamlessly into the landscape of camp.

Whether navigating scenic shores in a canoe, building endurance in a kayak, catching the wind as you hoist a sail, gliding across the glass-like waters on a pair of water-skis, jumping the perfect wake on a wakeboard or flying through the air on a water trampoline, opportunities for exploration and excitement abound.


Waterskiing & Wakeboarding


Canoeing & Kayaking

Aqua Park

Sailing & Paddleboarding

Swim Instruction

Wakesurfing & Kneeboarding

… And More!

Wilderness Adventure

The Natural Beauty of Maine

The pristine wilderness of Maine is truly an outdoor wonderland. There are endless coastlines, mountains, woods, rivers and lakes to explore. Whether racing down a zip line, reaching the summit of Mt. Katahdin, rappelling the cliffs of Bar Harbor, singing by a roaring campfire or sleeping out under a starry sky, summer at Modin is everything you’d expect and so much more.

One of the most exciting features of Camp Modin is its wilderness adventure program. In camp, seasoned professionals guide campers through the obstacles and challenges of our high rope adventure course and climbing tower. Beyond our gates there is a spectacular variety of opportunities and natural wonders to explore. From simple day and overnight trips for our youngest campers to extensive multi-day excursions for our teens, experienced trip leaders both guide and challenge campers to not only succeed, but create memories that will last a lifetime.

Ropes Course

Climbing Tower

Pioneer Village

Wilderness Skills

Overnight Trips

Nature & Animal Care


… And More!

Creative & Performing Arts

Cultivating Self-Expression

Creativity and the ability to express oneself are integral parts of the Modin experience. Whether its putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece in a crafts studio, producing an award winning video or hearing the roar of applause at the end of a big musical number, camp provides children with endless opportunities to discover their artistic talents.



Visual Arts


Video & Photography

Music & Dance

DJ & Radio Broadcasting

Rocketry & STEM

… And More!

“Our young boy returned home with many new stories, a greater level of maturity, a wider respect for others, new sport skills and a huge sense of achievement. Thank you for enabling this wonderful growth.”

– David & Ariane, New York City

Evening Activities

Varied, exciting & age-appropriate

While daytime is for honing skills and mastering technique, nighttime at Camp is for kicking back and hanging out with friends and bunkmates. As sunny days turn into clear, star-lit nights the fun really begins. Evening programs are amazing and the list of activities is long and varied, but their true value lies in the fact that evenings at Modin are times that are best enjoyed together.

Theme Nights

Bunk Nights

Off Camp Trips

Teen Center & Games Room

Talent Shows

Campfires & Carnivals

Just for Teens

… And More!

Special Events

Highlights of the camp experience

There is nothing more amazing than when the Camp comes together for an exciting special event, allowing children of all ages to do things as one. When campers come together—first time and veteran, young and old—they experience camp life, learning from each other and passing down decades’ worth of traditions and values.

  • Beach Trips
  • Amusement Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Portlans Sea Dogs
  • Game Shows
  • Concerts
  • Color Ward
  • Inter-camp Games
  • World Cup Soccer
  • Tennis Ladders
  • Banquet & Socials
  • Judaic Programs

Jewish Celbrations

Full Camp Trips

Color War

… And More!

Teen Leadership

Growth through challenge and guidance

Beyond the concepts of bunk and community lies the importance of a strong, well-designed, age appropriate program. The Modin program gives teens a wide variety of activities and opportunities to make their camp experience both challenging and memorable. It affords children with tremendous choice, but also provides progression from year to year, building on previous experiences and knowledge attained. The goal is to keep the program fresh by offering new and challenging opportunities as they grow and mature into young adults.

Outdoor Adventure
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Surfing Trips
  • Rappelling Expeditions
  • Canoeing Adventures
Teen Tours
  • Montréal Teen Tour
  • Boston Exploration
  • Coastal New England
  • Bar Harbor Excursions
  • Sightseeing in Portland
Community Service
  • Working in Nursing Homes
  • Fundraising Drives
  • Tikkun Olam
  • Local Community Projects
Teen Leadership
  • Planning Programs
  • Lifeguard Training
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Camper Mentoring

Outdoor Adventures

Teen Tours

Community Service

Training & Mentorship

Daily Schedule



7:30 am Wake up
7:40 Line up
7:55 Breakfast & Cleanup *
9:30 1st Period – Bunk Activity
10:30 2nd Period – Bunk Activity
11:30 3rd Period – Bunk Activity
12:30 pm Lunch & Rest Hour *
2:10 1st Period – Electives
3:10 2nd Period – Electives
4:10 3rd Period – Electives
5:00 Wash Up
5:30 Dinner & Free Time *
7:00 Evening Activity

Friday Afternoon

2:10 pm 1st Period – Electives
3:10 2nd Period – Electives
4:15 Preparation for Shabbat
5:45 Shabbat Assembly
6:00 Shabbat Services
6:45 Shabbat Full Camp Dinner
7:15 Shabbat Program

* There are three, 25-minute meal shifts. Boys entering grades 3-8 eat first, follow by girls in the same grades, and lastly co-ed teens entering grade 8 and above.

Saturday / Shabbat

8:30 am Wake up (no line up)
8:45 Breakfast & Clean Up *
10:30 Shabbat Services
12:15 pm Lunch & Rest Period *
2:00 Full Camp Activity
5:15 Wash Up
5:30 Dinner & Free Time *
7:00 Full Camp Activity
8:45 Havdalah (approximate time)


8:30 pm Ages 7-9, entering grades 3 & 4 (after Havdalah on Shabbat)
8:45 Ages 9-10, entering grades 5 (after Havdalah on Shabbat)
9:15 Ages 10-11, entering grades 6
9:30 Ages 11-12, entering grades 7
10:00 Ages 12-13, entering grades 8
10:15 Ages 13-14, entering grades 9
10:45 Ages 14-15, entering grades 10
11:00 Ages 15-16, entering grades 11